Investing in Cannafarm involves depositing funds for a predetermined period under a fixed daily interest rate. Investors don't need to wait for the product to be realized; the interest on the deposit starts being paid immediately, thanks to the saving account of Cannafarm Investment Ltd.

Within 150 days from the plan's opening, you will receive dividends based on the amount of your deposit. On the 150th day, your deposit amount will also be returned to you along with the final dividend payment.

Use a calculator to calculate your daily income.

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  • Daily Percentage 0.5% Deposit from: $50 Investment period: 150 days
  • Daily Percentage 1.0% Deposit from: $5000 Investment period: 150 days
  • Daily Percentage 2.0% Deposit from: $10000 Investment period: 150 days
  • Daily Percentage 3.0% Deposit from: $50000 Investment period: 150 days
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Cryptocurrency integration and transparency

Cannafarm Investment LTD exclusively accepts cryptocurrency investments for security, transparency, and global accessibility. Cryptocurrencies offer verifiable transactions through decentralized blockchain technology, establishing trust and mitigating fraud. They enable easy participation from investors worldwide, removing barriers and promoting inclusivity. Cryptocurrency transactions are faster, more efficient, and involve lower costs compared to traditional banking methods. By aligning with the innovative nature of the cannabis industry, which faces banking challenges, Cannafarm embraces cryptocurrencies as a solution for smoother operations.

Referral programm

Invite partners to Cannafarm
and get:

5% of every deposit

An advantage of our offer is the opportunity to join our affiliate program without the need to have your own plan.


Your partner opens an investment plan for $20,000. Immediately after the plan is opened, you will receive a reward of $1,000. This process is very simple and transparent for all participants.

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