CannaCoin: More Than Just a Token

CannaCoin is not just an investment tool; it's the foundation of an innovative ecosystem tailored for sustainability and long-term development. Developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) following the BEP-20 standard, it is grounded on principles of transparency and strategic planning. This approach not only allows investors to multiply their capital but also to reap stable profits from the token's value growth.

Thanks to its foundation on the widely recognized BSC, known for its speed and low fees, CannaCoin ensures a high level of security and reliability.

Token contract address: "0xE5E10E25997f7dCC9559DC098C5689E05785830B"

Our team of seasoned professionals has meticulously crafted every detail to ensure the project's stable and reliable long-term development.

Contributing to Society and Philanthropy

CannaCoin is more than just an investment tool; it's an opportunity to invest in the advancement of society and the promotion of medical cannabis. A portion of the funds from each transaction is directed towards charitable projects and research, fostering the development and popularization of medical cannabis in society.

With a firm belief in the positive impact of medical cannabis on health, we are committed to expanding its use and awareness. The CannaCoin token offers everyone a chance to contribute to this noble mission.

CannaCoin is actively traded on the PancakeSwap exchange, providing a reliable and secure space for trading with minimal commission fees, thereby paving the way for significant prospects for the token's value growth.

Key Benefits

Investing in CannaCoin brings not only financial benefits, including an additional 10% to your investment account but also actively influences the development of the medical cannabis market. The token ensures efficiency and convenience for businesses and consumers, simplifying transactions and boosting interest in our products among partners and clients.

Brand strengthening and expanding knowledge about medical cannabis are other directions actively pursued with CannaCoin. This not only helps in consolidating our reputation but also creates favorable conditions for investors, providing a confident outlook for the future.

The CannaCoin project aims to establish a transparent and open system where everyone can find opportunities for investment and growth. Join us and become part of a team dedicated to making a significant contribution to the medical cannabis industry.


for exchanging USDT for CannaCoin token via PancakeSwap

Download and install

Go to the official MetaMask website at

Choose the version for your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Edge) and follow the installation instructions.

After installation, create a new wallet, write down and securely save the recovery phrase (12 words).

This is very important as without this phrase you may lose access to your funds.

Receive USDT on
Binance Chain:

Make sure you have USDT on the BinanceChain network and not on another network.

This is important as PancakeSwap works with certain networks and you will need USDT on BinanceChain to successfully exchange.

If you don't have USDT yet, you can buy it on any exchange that supports BinanceChain, such as Binance.

When withdrawing funds, make sure to select the BinanceChain network.

Exchange USDT
to CannaCoin:

In the swap-app, connect via MetaMask and find the exchange section.

In the "USDT" field, enter the amount of USDT what you want to sell.

Click on the "Approve" button, MetaMask will open the transaction confirmation window. Check all the details and click "Confirm".

Wait approve transaction and click on the "Swap" button, MetaMask will open the transaction confirmation window. Check all the details and click "Confirm".

After the transaction is completed, CannaCoin will appear on your wallet in MetaMask

  • Download and Install MetaMask
  • Receive USDT on Binance Chain
  • Exchange USDT to CannaCoin

Adding CannaCoin to your MetaMask wallet is your first step towards investing in the innovative ecosystem of medical cannabis.

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