5 years of successful work — investment capital over

$ 215 000 000

Our automated cannabis plantations are located in 9 countries around the world, covering more than 10,000 acres of land.

We are actively developing, and in 2024 we plan to launch four more plantations in Denmark and Portugal with the support of GPT Group and Prologis, Inc investment funds.

GPT Prologis
About us

We produce medicinal cannabis for pharmaceutical companies. In 2020, we developed a cultivation technology that allows us to harvest crops every 35 days. In early 2021, the company's management made the decision to create an investment proposal based on this technology. In 2022, Cannafarm Investment LTD was established, introducing its cultivation technology and investment proposal to the general public.

Growing technology

Our technology is a combination of the use of modern automatic equipment, fertilizers of our own production and a detailed technological process from seed to harvest.

All this allows us to harvest every 35 days.

Who, how and why buys medicinal cannabis?

Cannafarm manufactures its product for pharmaceutical companies specializing in the production of hemp pharmaceuticals, such as Nabilone - Cesament, Dronabinol - Marinol, Nabiximols, Epidiolex, and so on. These drugs are in great demand in the global pharmaceutical market.

Before being sold, the harvested crop from Cannafarm undergoes necessary processing in the laboratory and is transformed into distillate, which is then transported, following legal norms and applicable permits, to pharmaceutical companies for further processing.

Cannafarm receives at least $ 1 500 000 for every tonne of distillate sold.

Our advantages

  • Fast cash turnover is achieved thanks to our unique cultivation technology, which enables us to harvest a crop every 35 days.
  • Flexible investment
  • Our raw materials are used to produce a wide range of drugs used to treat and prevent conditions such as cancer, HIV, AIDS, Tourette syndrome, and more.
  • High-tech automated plantations provide employment for more than 2000 people.
  • International team of key specialists and experts with many years of experience.
  • Sustainable financial model of the investment proposal, confirmed by an official audit.
  • Our production is 100% organic. We do not use harmful chemicals or impurities, and there are no emissions of harmful substances into the environment.
  • A simple, understandable profit-making scheme and high margins of the final product.
  • No risk: Cannafarm is officially registered and licensed to raise investment funds.
  • Generous affiliate program: Earn 5% of the amount of deposits from investors you invite.
How it works?

The investor opens a plan.


sows its automated plantations with the investor's money and, after 35 days, receives a crop. The crop is then sold to official partners worldwide.


receives money from the sale of the products


The investor does not need to wait for the goods to be sold, as Cannafarm initiates payouts immediately and continues to do so throughout the investment period.

Daily interest is paid from the savings account of Canafarm Investment LTD, which is specially organized to increase the attractiveness of investment offer. The costs of payments are compensated after each sold batch of products.

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A British company that has been growing and selling medical cannabis since 2018. The company now operates nine plantations around the world and has big plans for the future.
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By investing in this way, you stay in the cryptocurrency industry and can earn while avoiding the major risks and dangers associated with it. This is the new format that experienced investors are choosing today.
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This is not just a way to invest in the field of organic herbal components but also a way to help popularize cryptocurrency as an ecological sector by taking this tool into various business spheres, including the medical and healthcare sectors.
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The company's investors are earning up to 15% monthly in cryptocurrencies, which is another sector with a rapid boom in times of traditional currency and stock market declines, and therefore represents another point of interest.
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A British company that has been growing and selling medical cannabis since 2018. The company now operates nine plantations around the world and has big plans for the future.
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Investor reviews

I did my research and talked to other investors before deciding to partner with Cannafarm. They specialize in medical cannabis, which caught my attention. The positive reviews from fellow investors also gave me confidence in their services. So far, they have lived up to their promises and provided consistent returns. So I am very happy with my experience overall.

Hans Schmidt Investor

I've been investing for the first month, and I'm really enjoying it. I haven't encountered any technical issues so far, and everything has been smooth. I make withdrawals every day and it's been great.

Lexie Taylor Investor

Cannafarm Investment is a reliable cannabis company with a supportive community and user-friendly website allowing for easy investment and earnings. I invested around $2300 as my first transaction and got around $300 back. Recommended!

Mattia Barbieri Investor

Referral programm

Invite partners to Cannafarm
and get:

5% of every deposit

An advantage of our offer is the opportunity to join our affiliate program without the need to have your own plan.


Your partner opens an investment plan for $20,000. Immediately after the plan is opened, you will receive a reward of $1,000. This process is very simple and transparent for all participants.

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